bains ovronnaz bien être
Soins Bains Hébergement


The best of the mountain

Beneficial, relaxing, healing, the waters at the Bains d’Ovronnaz provide the best the mountains have to offer. Their warmth and precious mineral elements result in a feeling of pure relaxation and well-being. More than 600m2 water : easy movement between the connected outdoor and indoor pools.

Inside, you will find a warm atmosphere in a solid wooden structure with a pool of 180m2 water with massage jets, waterfall, and whirlpool. There is also a children's pool, 36 degrees Jacuzzi and 3 rest rooms of which two are soundproofed (1 with soft music). Outside, you can breathe the invigorating Alpine air, soak up the sunshine and enjoy the 2 outdoor pools with massage jets, bench and massage bed, swan's neck, whirlpools and waterfall. Deckchairs, snack bars and playground for kids in summer. During the week between 8.30am and 12am, the outdoor pool n°2 allows you to enjoy at best the quiet of the mountains : the animations will be deactivate.

The entrance to the thermal baths is free for children under 6 years old, babies are welcome (nappies obligatory). Prices for children are included between 6 and 15, for youth between 16 and 24 and prices for seniors are from 64 years old.

Opening hours

Les Bains d'Ovronnaz are open every day of the year, except from 30th May to 17th June 2016 (annual closure).

  • Summer : 8.30am - 8.00pm (final admission 7.15pm)
  • Winter : 8.30am - 8.30pm (final admission 7.45pm)
    School vacation and Saturdays in Winter until 9.00pm (final admission 8.15pm)
  • Late night opening until 10.30 on friday evenings (final admission 9.45pm)


1 admission
3 admissions 
7 days
7 consecutive
8 consecutive
10 admissions 
valid 1 year
20 admissions
valid 1 year
CHF 21.-
CHF 58.-
CHF 137.-
CHF 143.-
CHF 179.-
CHF 335.-
CHF 19.-
CHF 52.-
CHF 123.-
CHF 130.-
CHF 160.-
CHF 300.-
CHF 13.-
CHF 36.-
CHF 85.-
CHF 90.-
CHF 117.-
CHF 208.-
Adult group
CHF 18.-
Children group
CHF 12.-


4 months
Thermal baths
1 year
Thermal baths
CHF 330.-
CHF 680.-
CHF 495.-
CHF 1'020.-
CHF 285.-
CHF 600.-
CHF 428.-
CHF 900.-
CHF 220.-
CHF 480.-